Agility classes are held year round. I start beginner's classes in the spring and fall. To find out when the next beginners or puppy class starts please contact me. I will add your name to my waiting list and notify you by email when I have a date set for the next beginners class.

Private and semi-private group lessons can also be scheduled to suit your lifestyle.

Visitors are welcome to come by and observe the agility classes. I ask that you do not bring children or dogs when you come to observe. Please contact us or call first for times and directions. Geri Lu @ 559-769-5828.

Class Requirements
The dog must be at least 10 months old
Be current on all vaccinations
Be sociable with other dogs and people (absolutely no aggressive dogs allowed)
If you have completed a basic obedience class it is a plus, but not required, but your dog should be trained to walk on a leash.
Your dog needs to come when called when off leash
And you must be ready to have FUN with your dog!

There is a minimum age requirement of 16 for people attending classes.

Beginners Class
This class is for people and dogs that are new to agility. It is a basic foundation class for agility and is an eight week session. You and your dog will learn to do all of the agility obstacles safely, and be introduced to weave pole training. Dogs are started on leash. Your dog will also learn "obedience for agility," and you will be introduced to the basics of clicker training and targeting. As your dog continues to build his/her skill and confidence level, more obstacles will be added including short sequences.

Level 2 Beginners
For beginning students who want to continue on with agility training. This class builds on the foundation exercises that were introduced in the first eight weeks. Weave pole training continues and the teeter and aframe are gradually moved to full height. This is where you will really see that teamwork come together!

Novice Class
To be in this class the dogs must be able to perform all of the agility obstacles (at full height) safely and with confidence. The dogs should be doing six weave poles. Basic handling concepts are introduced, along with novice level coursework and continuation of weave pole training.

Intermediate Class
Teams in this class are starting to do advanced coursework that is generally broken up into shorter segments. Training and handling skills are refined as both the handler and dog gain understanding of what is required to get around advanced courses.

Competition Class
This is an advanced class for teams that are already trialing or are ready to compete. Handlers and dogs understand all of the handling moves and are striving to perfect their working relationship. The classes are designed to bring the dog and handler together as a competitive agility team. Advanced handling skills are developed through a series of specific exercises. Coursework is challenging and will test the skills of both the handler and dog.

Puppy Class
Occasionally I will have enough people with puppies to form a special class. If you have a puppy and are interested, contact me and I will add your name to the list. Puppy class is all about building a relationship with your pup that is between the ages of four to ten months old. The main goal of this class will be to have fun with your puppy while you develop a working relationship.
Some Topics covered:
Building a relationship with your pup - who's the leader?
The importance of play and confidence building
Establishing a reward system using toys and food
Clicker training - Teaching your pup to learn to earn
Basic obedience - how to get fast and enthusiastic sits, downs, recalls, stays and walking on a leash without pulling.
Puppy agility obstacles - Tunnel, collapsed tunnel, tire, table, tippy board, very low jumps and a very low A frame

Rally Obedience Class

This is a wonderful class that will help you to build understanding of the concept of teamwork with your dog. It is a class where various obedience exercises are done at numbered stations that you move around to in a course like fashion. I encourage all my students to do Rally Obedience as it compliments your agility training.

Private Lessons
Private lessons are $60 per hour. I am happy to work with children under the age of 16 (with parents present) in private lessons. Private sessions are also perfect for people who prefer learning new things in a quieter atmosphere than a class situation. Or perhaps the class time schedule doesn’t work for you. And there are some dogs that need to develop more handler focus before they are ready for a class. I am available to help people with both agility and obedience training.
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