Geri Lu Jurey and Sunny

I worked with animals all of my life before I started training agility dogs in 1999. Three years later, I started the Elderwood Agility training center and I have taught hundreds of people and their dogs the exciting sport of dog agility.

I use positive methods to train both people and dogs! My goal is for you and your dog to have fun learning new training techniques. And I love it when I see teams come together with their skills and understanding. I have trained with some of the top agility trainers in the country and use proven and positive techniques that work with all dogs.

Elderwood Agility is a first class training center. We are located near the foothills of the Sierra's on six acres of land. There is plenty of parking, beautiful grounds, lush green grass to run on and equipment that is maintained in excellent condition. Classes are held all year long, so the fun never stops!

You can use the contact button to email me for more information and directions. Or phone 559-769-5828 ~ 19811 Ave. 376, Woodlake, CA. 93286

I also love photography and I hope you enjoy the pictures of our amazing Stardogs! If you have time visit my STARDOGS photography website.

ATCH Hob Nob Flint OA, OAJ ~ August 10, 2007 ~ October 23, 2017

Caitland's Raysun Double Delight "Sunny" November 28, 2010 ~ AX, AXJ, XF, GV-E, JV-E, RV-E. In 2014, Sunny was nationally ranked in ASCA as #9 in Open Jumpers, and #9 Open Gamblers.

Little Spot Keg O Red Wine "Vino" July 5, 2001 ~ January 7, 2016 ~AD, AG, SS, SR, GS-E, JS-E, RS-E, OAC, NGC, NJC, TN-O, TG-N, WV-N, NA, RN, CL3-S, CL3-R (now retired) Vino was nationally ranked in ASCA as the #10 novice gamblers dog for 2004.

Little Spot Red Hot Senorita "Rita" June 9, 2004~Dec. 4, 2010 ~ GSE-OP, JSE-OP, RS-E, GS-N-SP, JS-N-SP, RS-N-OP, PD1, CL2-F, CL2-R, RE, NA, NAJ, NF. In 2008, Rita was nationally ranked in ASCA as #1 Gambler's Novice, # 3 Jumper's Novice, #4 Regular Novice, #6 Gambler's Open, and #8 Regular Open.

Amie Feb. 1999 ~ July 6, 2013 ~ PD3, PG2, PJ2, PK1, GS-E, RS-E, JV-E, EAC, EGC, OJC, TN-N, OA, OAJ, CL3-R, CL3-S, CL3-F. Amie was recognized by AKC's Front and Finish as the 2001, #10 Australian Shepherd in the Novice Standard class.

Kaweah's La Nina Tina. June 25, 1998 ~ May 8, 2011 ~ OAC, OJC, NGC, OA, OAJ, PS1

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